Jim’s knowledge of the northwest Nevada desert and the wild horse herds that dwell there is phenomenal, and is eclipsed only by the serene beauty of the land itself. The sage covered Nevada desert is a place like no other. The shapes, shadows, and vistas speak to the spirit and stamina of the 19th century pioneers whose trails crossed this land. Let Jim guide you into the past. Enjoy the wildlife. Let your ears become accustomed to the quietness. A brief escape from the busy-ness of life is in order. Go now.
–Alan Cain, Backcountry Horesmen of California, Alturas



He knows where to find what we seek In these sage covered hills.

His watchful eyes always moving searching for a flash of color… Just over the crest, a small herd Wild Carter Horses in these high desert hills stripes on shoulders, backs and legs golden coats shining duns and buckskins running free through these ancient hills.

Bunch after bunch we watch in wonder… Protective mares nuzzle babies young bachelors play their games Herd stallions blow…stare their challenge In these wild Nevada hills.
Barbie Chrysler Alturas CA.